Is there anything Republicans can do legally after the admissions about ObamaCare by Jonathan Gruber?

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in this morning, saying the political fallout for President Obama has been "horrific." 

But he said it's too late in the game for Gruber's admissions to matter in the one remaining challenge to ObamaCare. 

"The Supreme Court already found it constitutional for better or for worse. I profoundly disagree, but that's the law. They're not going to go back and revisit it," he explained. 

Napolitano said it still remains to be seen whether an upcoming challenge to the health care law will cause ObamaCare to "fall under its own weight." 

The case, which is expected to be heard this spring, is on whether the IRS can grant tax credits that allow people to afford the coverage in states where the federal government set up health care exchanges.

"The statute says in order to get the tax credit, the state has to set up the exchanges", said Napolitano, adding that if the challenge is successful it will be due to ambiguity by those who created the law, like Gruber.