A 29-year-old Virginia woman faces serious charges in a terrorism investigation after allegedly using social media to promote ISIS and then lying to federal agents after she was arrested in a sting.

Hear Judge Nap’s Important Questions for AG Nominee

Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "The Real Story" today that Heather Coffman's First Amendment rights allow her to use social media to share her opinions about ISIS, good or bad.

"But when she lied to the FBI about what they knew she had already written - and it is a crime to lie to the FBI, if they choose to prosecute you for it - she gave them an opening, and they moved in," Judge Nap explained.

He said that he thinks that the FBI originally was convinced that Coffman was part of a group of ISIS supporters who might soon do more than simply speak out.

But when they realized it was Coffman and her husband acting own their own - after the agency had invested so much money and resources in the investigation - they decided to charge her when she lied, according to Judge Nap.

He added that this could be the gateway to any possible colleagues of her's, if she were to give up information to get a lesser sentence.

Judge Nap: Obama 'Playing with Constitutional Fire' on Immigration Reform

Gretchen also asked Judge Nap about President Obama's decision to order a review of U.S. hostage policies in the wake of ISIS beheading another American.

Judge Nap said that Obama has no hostage policy and negotiates when he thinks negotiation will work, offers a ransom when he thinks a ransom will work and uses the military when he thinks it will succeed.

Obama also prohibits the victims' families from offering their own ransom and gives them false hope, Judge Nap added.

"We have the best intelligence people in the world trying to find out what's going on in Syria, and we don't know where these beheadings took place and we can't stop them from happening in the future?"

According to Judge Nap, the White House is telling the victims' families that there's very little they can do to help.

"That's not what the government is supposed to do."

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