Tonight on “Hannity,” Sean blasted “the great ObamaCare hoax” and Jonathan Gruber’s admission that lies were used to get the health care bill passed.

He reflected on how politicians who once publicly embraced Gruber’s ideas are now backing away from him.

“I’m no doctor, but this looks like a case of political amnesia,” he said.

Hannity reflected on how President Barack Obama once said he “liberally” stole ideas from Gruber. Recently, he called Gruber “some adviser who never worked on our staff.”

But Gruber wasn’t just some adviser, Hannity stressed, noting that the MIT professor had been to the White House at least 19 times in recent years, even sitting down with Obama for more than four hours in 2009. Gruber has also been paid a half-million in taxpayer dollars.

“So I think we deserve to know what was discussed at those meetings,” Hannity said. “Now, did you talk about the stupidity of the American voters? Did you plot, plan on how to deceive the public into supporting your bill?”

He added, “The reason why these Gruber tapes are so important is they prove once and for all the great ObamaCare hoax was sold on a foundation of lies.”

Karl Rove then joined Hannity to react, reiterating that ObamaCare was sold to Americans “on a series of lies that at the time the president and his people knew were not true.”

Rove said the administration knew that Americans could not keep their plans if they liked their plans, as initially promised.

“The Affordable Care Act is based on the premise that American people have too many choices in health care and in order to reduce health care cost, you have to be limited in who you can go see, and so on and so forth," he said.

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