The Oxford Dictionaries “word of the year” is “vape,” which is to smoke an e-cigarette.

The choice is inciting a growing debate on the public dangers and need for regulation.

“Translation, we don’t know squat about vaping, but that’s not gonna stop jerks from controlling your life,” Greg Gutfeld said tonight.

“The Five” co-host charged “political hacks” with trying to ban vaping without knowing the facts, instead claiming that vaping indoors confuses people who think it’s real smoking.

“So you ban something cause it looks like something else? Why not ban surgery? It looks like stabbing.”

Gutfeld remarked that Baltimore Councilman James Kraft wants to ban e-cigs like real cigarettes due to a lack of studies, plus his granddaughter saw people vaping and it bugged her.

“So that’s how we make laws – to placate kids? That trumps science and human life?”

Gutfeld said that the tar-less smoke saves kids’ loved ones.

“For weak minds, it’s easier to condemn inanimate objects than real evil. The world is now hijacked by hysterics bent on harm, not help,” he said, adding that “we’re at the mercy of second-hand scolds and their first-hand stupidity.”

He quipped, “If only there was a patch for that.”

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