The state of Indiana is reinstating rules that require food stamp recipients who are able-bodied, single and without dependents to work at least 20 hours a week.

These rules could cut off 65,000 recipients when they go into effect next year, which leaves some questioning if the state can handle the wave of new job seekers.

DEBATE: Should There Be a Work Requirement for Food Stamp Recipients?

Gov. Mike Pence told Brian Kilmeade this morning on "Fox and Friends" that Indiana is an economic success story, with a dropping unemployment rate and a growing labor force.

"We just thought it was very important to go back to a core principle of welfare reform," Pence said. "For able-bodied adults without dependents to receive food stamps, they have to be working for 20 hours a week or participating for 20 hours a week in one of our job-training programs."

He added that there are many available jobs in Indiana, and the state wants to partner with people in their own success.

Kilmeade also asked Pence about a potential presidential run, and the Indiana governor said that he's focusing on his state's people and growing economy, and he will likely make a decision about his future next spring.

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