A student at Wantagh High School on Long Island, New York, says that she applied to form a Christian club at her school in September, but the principal denied her request, saying it was illegal.

Student Suing High School for Banning Prayer Group

Liz  Loverde said on "The Real Story" today that she wanted to create a club called "Dare To Believe" to better serve the school and community and to reach out to students going through rough times.

After getting her application approved by her guidance counselor, Loverde said she gave it to the principal and was told it couldn't happen because it was a Christian club and it was illegal to have one.

Hiram Sasser, the Liberty Institute litigation director, said that the principal is simply incorrect, pointing out that this is a well-settled law in the courts.

When schools allow an animal rights club or a recycling club, then they also have to allow a Christian club, Sasser explained.

"They have over 30 clubs and just because mine was faith-based, they wouldn't recognize it," Loverde said.

Sasser explained that they're going to "hold the school's feet to the fire" and ensure that this club is allowed, whether that is through the court system or not.

In a statement, the school district's superintendent differed from the principal and said that Loverde's request is still under review:

"We don't need policies and procedures and smokescreens, just say yes," Sasser said. "If you're not going to ban the club, then just say yes."

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