Dr. Ben Carson, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, stopped by "Fox and Friends" this morning to weigh in on the Jonathan Gruber controversy and what he sees as "subterfuge" in passing ObamaCare.

New video of Gruber refusing to say anything to Fox News' cameras aired last night on "Hannity." And new reports indicate health care premiums will be going up by double digits in eight states.

Carson believes Congress has a moral obligation to re-examine ObamaCare now that we know that the administration was deceptive about the law.

"Is there such a thing as morality left in this country? Is there such a thing as right and wrong? Does that mean anything anymore or is it just subterfuge and who can pull the slickest deal and who can pull the wool over people's eyes?" he asked.

Carson said he hopes some Democrats will support that effort and put politics aside. 

"If we allow this to go through, we're setting a precedent that says 'whatever you can do, however you can do it, it's OK as long as you get it done,'" said Carson.

He called out Democrats for playing the race card or making allegations of sexism when their political arguments fail, adding that he believes they are "really underestimating the intelligence of the [American] people."

Watch the full interview above.