In the past month, three teachers have been assaulted at John Bartram High School in Philadelphia, including one 68-year-old substitute who was brutally knocked unconscious.

On “Watters’ World” tonight, Jesse Watters spoke to students and staff at the school to investigate these disturbing attacks.

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Several students told Watters that the teachers had it coming and the assaults were their fault.

“They pressure a lot of students and they expect them not to retaliate,” one young man said. “The environment we’re in, they gotta expect something violent.”

Staff member Carlton English said it’s his job to stop students from congregating in the hallways and smoking the bathrooms, and the students often treat adults with total disrespect.

Philadelphia School District Spokesman Fernando Gallard explained to Watters that the student involved in the most recent attack on the substitute teacher may be expelled, but the punishment has not been determined.

Several students doubted that it would result in anything more than a suspension, since this happened before.

When Watters ran down the school's lengthy rap sheet – people setting fires, forced oral sex, drugs, weapons – and asked what’s going on, Gallardo said that “you have students making bad choices.”

He said the consequences and repercussions of these actions have not been properly communicated.

“If you don’t put a hand on this, like right now, it’s going to get worse,” a teacher said. “Because other kids feel as if they can get away with it … years ago, you weren’t even allowed to look at a teacher crooked.”

Watch the clip above.

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