A burglar in Seattle got way more than he bargained for when he tried to break into the home of an 82nd Airborne veteran for a second time.

The paratrooper, Andrew Myers, explained that the "local creeper" had already broke into his basement in the middle of the night on Veterans Day, but didn't take anything except a shirt.

So he and his girlfriend decided to set up a camera outside, anticipating that the man would come back. He returned Saturday night and this time he encountered Myers. 

Myers said the suspect first tried to claim he lived there, and after being told the police had been called, he threw a punch and tried to get away. 

A very one-sided tussle ensued, with Myers holding the man down until cops arrived and made the arrest. 

Almost the entire thing was captured on the veteran's surveillance camera. 

He posted it to YouTube and set it to music. Well done!