A “Special Report” panel tonight weighed in on the controversy surrounding Jonathan Gruber and President Obama’s response to the ObamaCare architect's disturbing comments about the "stupidity" of American voters and the deception that went into getting ObamaCare passed.

Obama in 2006: I've Stolen Ideas from Jonathan Gruber Liberally

Charles Krauthammer described it as a "vast left-wing conspiracy" and said he didn't think Obama knew how big a scandal "Grubergate" would actually be, because his administration has essentially had six years of the press conspiring with them.

Krauthammer said the White House calculated that Obama could ignore Gruber's comments for a week and then deny them, and it would never be covered by the press.

Except for Fox, it's been a media blackout, Krauthammer said.

"This is a scandal of the first order. And they imagined they would actually get away with it. And then you see everybody pretending that they had never heard of this guy."

Watch the clip above.

Powers 'Truly Stunned' By Media Blackout of 'Stupid Americans' Videos