In his Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly responded to the ISIS terror group beheading a third American hostage, Peter Kassig, saying that President Obama needs to do more than denounce the murder and he must utilize all U.S. military assets to eradicate the terrorists.

"President Obama has condemned the murder as 'an act of pure evil,' which it is, but that’s not enough," O'Reilly said.

"ISIS is a direct threat to all Americans. They would kill all of us."

O'Reilly said that Obama's strategy should be not uttering a word about how the U.S. military will deal with ISIS.

"Special Forces and the U.S. military, in general, should kill as many of these terrorists as we can possibly can. Borders don't matter anymore. If we know where they are, we go after them. And it doesn’t matter if it’s from the air, the sea or on land."

O'Reilly said that if the president is unwilling to do that, then the American people need to know it.

"Right now, the Obama administration is now perceived throughout the world as weak because of the election defeat and the president's general demeanor," "The Factor" host said.

In addition to the threat from ISIS, O'Reilly noted that U.S. relations with both Iran and Russia are very poor.

"In three areas, the bad guys are winning, and the president seems hesitant to do what's necessary to turn things around. He can talk all he wants. In the meantime, Americans are being murdered."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above.