One woman is pushing back on Kmart for its plan to stay open for 42 hours straight on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Jillian Fisher, a resident of Delaware, started a petition last year after her mother called her and was very upset over the fact that she'd have to miss some part of Thanksgiving Day with her family due to her work schedule.

This year, the store plans to get an early start on Christmas shopping by opening its doors Thursday at 6am and staying open until midnight on Black Friday.

Fisher's petition has garnered more than 3,600 signatures and counting.

"It appears Kmart will be the store that is open the earliest on Thanksgiving. Kmart employees, like my Mom, will be forced to miss important time with their families on Thanksgiving. I’m asking Kmart to commit to allowing employees to request Thanksgiving day off and to rely only on volunteer employees," the petition reads.

Kmart has said that the Wilmington, Del. store manager gave Donna Fisher her preferred shift on Thanksgiving, adding that the increased hours are a response to what customers want. 

The Fishers joined Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning to further explain the effort.

"When I heard that Kmart was going to be open for 42 hours straight, I said, 'I have to take a stand, I cannot have my mom calling me in tears again.' We have to do something now," Jillian said. 

Donna Fisher said she believes stores should be closed on Thanksgiving, but realizes that it is not likely to happen. 

"I do not feel that we need to be open on the holidays. Give us some time to spend time with our families. This is all retail, not just Kmart," Donna argued.

She said even though Kmart accommodated her when it came to her shift, someone else will have to cover those hours and miss out on time with their family. 

"It's never been about me. It's about everybody who has to sacrifice to keep their job and not be with their family on the holidays," she said. 

Jillian added that it seems like Kmart is missing the point of the petition with their response. 

"The message was: Thanksgiving is not a commercial holiday. We're getting into a competition of who can be open the longest and we need to get away from it."

Watch the full interview above and let us know your take: are retailers going too far with their Thanksgiving/Black Friday hours?