Attorney General Eric Holder is under fire for taking the death penalty off the table for four people who are accused of killing a reserve Virginia police officer earlier this year.

Trace Gallagher reported on "The Kelly File" that Holder has not explained why he removed the option of the death penalty, but the prosecutor spoke out in support of Holder - without revealing if he agreed with the attorney general's judgment.

Gallagher explained that on Feb. 1 of this year, Officer Kevin Quick texted his girlfriend saying he was on his way over to her residence, but he never showed up.

"Police say he was carjacked, kidnapped, taken from bank to bank to withdraw money using his debit card before being shot to death," Gallagher said. "Captain Quick's body was found six days later in a wooded area."

The suspects - three siblings and a fourth man - reportedly belong to a gang called "the 99 Goon Syndicate," an off-shoot of the Bloods, and they committed the murder to move up in the gang ranks, according to the charging document.

Gallagher said that prosecutors have turned over mountains of forensic and electronic evidence, but of the 1,236 death penalty cases brought before Holder's Justice Department through 2013, only 27 have been authorized for the death penalty.

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