Ever wonder what the planned "bourbon summit" between President Obama and new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) might look like?

Well, last night, "Saturday Night Live" opened the show with a hilarious sketch that envisions how such a meeting might go.

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Although things don't start off on a great note between Obama and McConnell in the sketch - McConnell says the midterm election's message was Americans "rejecting" Obama - four bourbons in, they are laughing and making a prank phone call to Hillary Clinton.

"Did she know it was us?" Obama asks.

"She had no idea, and even if she did, she'd deny it in front of Congress," McConnell replies.

The summit continues with the political leaders drinking more and more bourbon, putting all their cards on the table and even getting a little emotional

After nine drinks, however, Michelle Obama shows up to shut the party down.

Watch the hilarious bourbon summit below!

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