For the past three years, high school senior Chase Windebank led an informal prayer group at school during a designated free period.

That could be ending, however, after administrators at Pine Creek High School ordered the group the stop meeting, citing the separation of church and state.

The Alliance for Defending Freedom (ADF), on behalf of Chase, is now suing the school.

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Kerri Kupec, legal communications director for the ADF, joined Ainsley Earhardt on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning and said it's a sad day when our schools are censoring students and shutting down the exchange of ideas.

She explained that the First Amendment expressly protects the types of conversations that Chase and his classmates are having during their prayer group meetings.

"Because Chase and his classmates are talking about God, the school is censoring them and shutting them down. And that's clearly unconstitutional," Kupec said, adding that the school is undermining the entire purpose of education.

Watch the clip from "Fox and Friends Weekend" above and read more on the case from Todd Starnes.

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