Lawyers for the Los Angeles Unified School District argued in court on Friday that a 14-year-old student was mature enough to consent to a six-month sexual relationship with her 28-year-old math teacher.

Female Teacher Defends Having Sex With 16-YO Student

On "The Kelly File," Trace Gallagher reported that the teacher was caught, convicted and is serving three years in prison, and now the girl's family is suing the district for negligence, saying their daughter suffered emotional damage.

The district denied having knowledge of the relationship and suggested that the student knew what she was doing and bears responsibility, Gallagher said.

One of the (former) attorneys for the district, W. Keith Wyatt, stated it was a more dangerous decision for the student to cross the street in traffic than to have sex with her teacher.

During a radio interview, Wyatt also said:

The lawyer for the student called Wyatt's statements shocking and said:

Wyatt issued an apology, but the district decided to cut ties with him, Gallagher reported.

Gallagher explained that in California appellate courts have ruled that during a civil trial, you can argue that a minor can consent to having sex with an adult.

In a criminal case, the age of consent is 18, but not in a civil case in California and several other states.

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