On "Cashin' In" today, Eric Bolling said that a giant hoax has been perpetrated on the American people with ObamaCare, pointing to recent comments by one of the architects of the law, Jonathan Gruber, admitting that they had to be deceptive to get the bill passed.

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"They're Democrats, that's what they do," Bolling said. "Funny thing is, however, the liberal media called us the liars."

Bolling looked at a recent "Daily Show" clip when host Jon Stewart described opposition to ObamaCare as "chaos on bullcrap mountain."

Bolling said the real bullcrap is that Gruber claimed his "stupid American voters" comment was off-the-cuff, only for more videos of him making similarly controversial comments to emerge.

The "Cashin' In" host also called bullcrap on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who said she didn't know who Gruber was despite his name appearing on her website in her words in a post from late 2009.

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Bolling added that the White House's claims that this is the most transparent administration in history are also full of it.

"Which brings me back to "bullcrap mountain," Bolling said.

"Fox? No way. Me? Uh-uh. You want bullcrap? It's you, Jon Stewart, and the liberal mainstream media. You're all purveyors of the Democrats' bullcrap. How about you man up, Stewart, and admit you were 'Grubered' into selling that ObamaCare bullcrap?"

"You want to call us bullcrap mountain? Go ahead. But in hindsight, we were right. And you? I'd call yours 'Grand Bullcrap Canyon.'"

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