An investigative reporter for KMSP-TV in Minneapolis joined "Fox and Friends" this morning to discuss his recent reports on some apparent security lapses at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. 

A few months ago, Tom Lyden uncovered the fact that an American who was killed while fighting alongside ISIS had previously worked at that airport.

Abdirahmaan Muhumed worked at the airport from November 2001 to May 2011. He had a security clearance – which requires an FBI background check –  and it allowed him to skip metal detectors and get right on the tarmac.

He worked to fuel up planes, and then from 2010-2011, he was charged with cleaning and securing planes.

Since that report, Lyden has reported on an unguarded exit in the baggage claim area, where international travelers arrive. 

Last month, a passenger who arrived from France went out to smoke a cigarette, and when he finished he walked right back in through the exit when someone came out.

Lyden reports that the TSA responded not by adding guards, but by making the doors' glass opaque.

The other exits all have TSA agents standing guard, but TSA doesn't consider the area beyond these doors a secure or “sterile” area, even though the stairs and elevators lead right up to Checkpoint 7, where international passengers enter the G concourse. Because passengers have just gone through customs, identification and tickets aren't required.

Checkpoint 7, by the way, is the same checkpoint where three passengers from Tokyo recently slipped through an unguarded metal detector.

In fact, at the other end of baggage claim, two passengers from Minot, N.D. also recently slipped out for a smoke, and walked right past a distracted TSA agent.

Fox 9 has TSA also plans the smoky glass treatment for that exit as well. TSA has had little to say about any of these security breaches, making the agency about as transparent as their new glass.

Lyden said this morning that he snapped the following photo, which shows a bunch of TSA agents in a very uncrowded ticketing area. 

He questioned why at least one would not be reassigned to the area where the lapse occurred.

The TSA provided the following statement to Fox News: 

"Passengers are subject to a robust security approach that employs multiple layers of security, both seen and unseen, including: intelligence gathering and analysis, cross-checking passenger manifests against watchlists, thorough screening at airports, Federal Air Marshals, Federal Flight Deck Officers and many others."

Watch the full interview above.