In his Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly argued that President Obama's planned executive actions on immigration will spark a "terrible fight."  

O'Reilly said what concerns him right now is that the president intends to subvert the law and the Constitution. He played clip of Obama saying in 2011 that he cannot stop deportations of illegal immigrants on his own. 

"[Obama] knows that undermining immigration law is wrong. He knows the Founding Fathers did not want presidents to make law, yet Barack Obama doesn't seem to care. That's dangerous and the president will eventually lose in the courts," said O'Reilly, adding that there is "no way on this Earth" the current Supreme Court will side with him on these executive actions.

O'Reilly said this "national confrontation" doesn't have to happen because House and Senate Republicans are going to be under pressure from the American people to pass immigration reform and work with the president. 

"If the House and Senate don't, Republicans will lose the presidency in 2016," he argued. O'Reilly then urged Obama to reconsider. 

"Talking Points fervently hopes that on the long plane ride back from Australia, President Obama changes his mind and spares this country a terrible fight over his power and illegal immigration."

Watch the full commentary above.

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