"The Real Story" went behind the scenes of Fox News and Fox Business, asking some of the hosts and reporters how their college major played into their careers.

It turns out even if you didn't study journalism or broadcasting in college, it doesn't mean you can't someday make a career out of it. 

In her "My Take" segment, Gretchen Carlson advised that no matter what you choose to do, you should have a passion for it. 

Her major? Organizational behavior at Stanford. Had she stayed on that path, she said she would have probably done problem solving and consulting for corporations. 

Here's what we learned about some of her colleagues....

Martha MacCallum, political science: "I got into journalism through covering business."
Dagen McDowell, art history: "I thought about an art-related job but in NYC, I needed a job that would pay the bills."
Rick Leventhal, journalism: "Went to 4 schools, dropped out twice, before finally figuring out journalism was right for me.
Jesse Watters, history: "I got fired from my first two jobs, then I came here. I was working weekends, freelance, no health care before O'Reilly plucked me out of obscurity"
Eric Shawn, urban studies: "I failed accounting, then I realized my passion was journalism. Do what you want, success will follow."
David Asman, anthropology: "It's a career if you're Indiana Jones."
Lea Gabrielle, mechanical engineering: I wanted to study something that would give me a problem solving approach to life. It did."