The White House has now responded to a set of videos showing one of the architects of ObamaCare admitting that the law passed thanks to the "stupidity of American voters." 

Jonathan Gruber was seen on tape admitting in 2012 and 2013 that the administration was not transparent about taxes that would be in the law. 

Ed Henry asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today in Burma what he thought about Gruber's comments. 

Earnest said he "disagrees vigorously with that assessment," then added that ObamaCare was a "very difficult undertaking" and has had "significant benefits" for millions of people.

He also targeted Republicans for being "less than forthright and transparent" about their proposed changes to ObamaCare. 

Henry said the controversy over Gruber's comments could extend into 2015, with Republicans in the Senate and House eyeing hearings in which Gruber and other architects of the law would be called to testify under oath. 

Stay tuned to Fox News for more updates from Ed Henry on President Obama's trip to Asia.

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