How much pasta could you eat with an unlimited seven-week pass to Olive Garden?

One North Carolina minister and father-of-two ate about $1,840 worth of food from Olive Garden with his $100, seven-week “pasta pass.”

Alan Martin was on “The Real Story” to tell Gretchen Carlson all about it.

Martin ate 115 meals in seven weeks – two meals per day – and he said he didn’t even get sick of it.

“It’s great food,” he said.

Martin also gave away some of the food to the needy, and he still has about 25 meals left in his freezer.

While Martin said he was prepared to gain about 30 pounds, he actually dropped four pounds!

“In today’s economy, it’s all about the value for me,” he told Gretchen Carlson.

On his last day, the Olive Garden staff signed a menu for him.

“I went into the whole thing determined to eat $1,500 worth of food and get my value […] and it became fun.”

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