Kirsten Powers called out the mainstream media for ignoring several new videos that show one of the architects of ObamaCare admitting the administration was not transparent about what was in the bill back in 2009 and 2010.

Jonathan Gruber said that the “stupidity of the American voter” helped ObamaCare become law, acknowledging that the administration could not be forthcoming about taxes in the bill. 

He said the administration exploited the lack of understanding of the average American. 

The White House had not commented until today when Ed Henry pressed Josh Earnest on Gruber's admissions.

Powers said she can't understand why media outlets like The New York Times would not think this is worthy of coverage.

She said she finds the mainstream media bias talk to be "old" but said this is a case in which a significant story is "not getting covered by anybody." 

"This is huge news. It's really stunning. This is really big news. Sometimes these are grey areas and you can say, 'well maybe you can see why this wouldn't get covered.' There's no excuse for this," said Powers.

Rachel Campos-Duffy pointed out that Gruber's remarks began spreading after they were uncovered, not by the media, but by a private citizen who was doing his own research into ObamaCare after he lost his health plan.

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