In tonight’s "Hannity" interview with George W. Bush, the 43rd president had some interesting stories to tell about his father.

Bush told Sean Hannity about his dad's role in his own presidency, plus a surprising date that Bush 41 set up for his son.

Read some of the highlights below, and watch the video above.

A Date With Tricia Nixon

Bush recalled how his dad once set him up with Tricia Nixon, Richard Nixon’s daughter.

While Bush recalled that he was “a little reluctant” at first, he said Nixon was polite and lovely. Meanwhile, Bush said he was “a bit of a swashbuckler,” spilling wine and “firing up a Lucky Strike.”

So, how did that date go?

“It didn’t work out well.”

‘The Best One-Term President’

Sean Hannity noted George Bush’s long resume, and how he has been around for “almost every big moment in the last two generations of history.”

Those experiences prepared him to be the 41st president, Bush 43 noted.

“I tell people that George Bush was the best one-term president we’ve ever had. Nobody knows it. And this book is a way to start letting people understand why I say that.”

Bush recalled how his father would not sit in Ronald Reagan’s seat at a cabinet meeting the day after Reagan was shot.

Hannity asked: what does that say about Bush 41?

“That he’s got good perspective, and he knew his job, and he wasn’t gonna try and change it. That he’s a humble man.”

‘He Offered Me Love & Humor’

George W. Bush explained how his father helped his own presidency.

“He offered me love and humor,” he said, calling his father “so uplifting.”

Bush said that if he asked his father a policy question, his dad would ask to be fully briefed on it, knowing the importance of fully studying the issue.

Bush told Hannity that his father paved the way for him and his brother, Jeb, by showing that you can go into politics without sacrificing what’s important.

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