Megyn Kelly sat down with Democratic pollster Bernard Whitman Tuesday night, looking for the left's take on new videos that show one of the architects of ObamaCare admitting the administration was not transparent about what was in the bill back in 2009 and 2010. 

Jonathan Gruber said that the “stupidity of the American voter” helped ObamaCare become law, acknowledging that the administration could not be forthcoming about taxes in the bill. 

Whitman said the video proves Gruber is a "political idiot," but defended ObamaCare, saying the law is working by giving more people access to health insurance and slowing the rise of health care costs. 

Megyn pushed back that Gruber was essentially admitting that the law was written to hide the fact that it was going to be a huge redistribution of wealth, with young, healthy people being asked to cover the costs of older Americans with more health issues.

Whitman countered that "everyone knew exactly what they were getting" when the law passed and that calling the taxes a "mandate" was an act of "political artifice."

Megyn's reaction?

"Everyone knew what they were getting?! Is that what you want the viewers to believe? My head's gonna explode." 

Whitman pointed back to the Supreme Court's controversial 5-4 decision in which Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the majority in a challenge to the individual mandate.

He argued that even Roberts said it was clear that there was a tax in ObamaCare. 

"A decision for which he was roundly panned that turned half the country against him?! Your evidence that this law was clear is the most controversial Supreme Court decision in years?" she countered. 

Whitman said it's a "sad truth" that the government needs to implement taxes in order to provide services. 

Megyn pushed back, saying Democrats should have made that argument, not passed the law "based on a lie." 

Watch the full debate below: 

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