What is it about Fort Lee, New Jersey and traffic controversies? 

You may remember "Bridgegate" from earlier this year; that involved Gov. Chris Christie's staffers and some controversial lane closures near the George Washington Bridge. 

Well, now the town is making headlines again with a program designed to catch drivers who don't stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. 

Sounds rather mundane, until you notice that a detective dressed up as Donald Duck was the decoy recently. 

Cops were watching and waiting to give tickets to people who didn't stop to let the duck cross. Police said they issued 130 tickets.

One woman told a local TV station she objected to the use of a man in costume on Halloween, arguing she'd have stopped for a normal pedestrian.

River Edge resident Karen Haigh is one of those drivers, and she plans to fight the $230 ticket she got on Halloween day.

"This duck kept going to the curb, off the curb," she said. "I thought it was a crazy guy on Halloween."

She is accused, along with dozens of others, of not stopping to let the 6-foot-4 Donald Duck cross the street.

"They told me that I was getting a ticket for not stopping for a duck," she said. "But it scared me. I'm a woman. This huge duck scared me."

The police chief says the program, which doesn't usually involve a duck, started after 62 pedestrians were struck by cars in Fort Lee a few years ago. 

(Hat tip to Special Report for this story.)