Gretchen Carlson took on the new videos in which an ObamaCare architect admitted the administration was not transparent about what was in the bill back in 2009 and 2010.

Jonathan Gruber said that the “stupidity of the American voter” helped ObamaCare become law, acknowledging that the administration could not be forthcoming about taxes in the bill.

Carlson said the comments breathe new life into the movement to repeal ObamaCare and dash the administration's hopes that all the negative news about ObamaCare was a thing of the past. 

"Instead, it looks like the smart guy from MIT may actually end up being the one who's stupid." 

On MSNBC, Gruber said this week that he regrets making the "inappropriate" remarks, adding that he was speaking "off the cuff." 

Monica Crowley weighed in, telling Gretchen that Gruber's remarks are "the only bit of truth we have ever gotten about ObamaCare." 

"This thing was so complicated and actually so destructive to so many parts of the economy that you couldn't get it through if you told the American people the truth so they had to lie," she said, adding that the tax issue was only one lie that was told to get the law through Congress.

Crowley said Gruber's sentiments are emblematic of liberals overall.

"It's actually the perfect example of the elitist arrogance that comes from the left. 'We know what's best, you're too stupid to know what's best for you,'" said Crowley, adding she believes some Democrats - fearful about their re-election chances in 2016 - could support repealing ObamaCare or "dismantling major chunks" of the law.

She pointed out that 25 Democratic lawmakers that supported the Affordable Care Act were voted out of office last week.

Watch that discussion below and see Gretchen's Take above.