Military families and veterans packed onto the National Mall in Washington, D.C. last night for HBO’s Concert for Valor, which honored all those who have served our country.

With terrific weather and a slew of A-list performers, the show was by all accounts a great success.

There were, however, some controversial moments, including Bruce Springsteen’s rendition of famous anti-war song “Fortunate Son” and Eminem’s expletive-laden appearance.

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On "The Five" today, Eric Bolling said he’s a free speech advocate, but Springsteen should have a little more common sense with song selection, especially on Veterans Day.

Bolling added that Eminem dropping a dozen F-bombs was in poor taste, considering it was a concert saluting heroes and there were many young people watching.

Bob Beckel pointed out that Springsteen has a long history of writing and performing anti-war songs and said that the responsibility goes back to the concert promoters who hired these musical acts.

“If you’re booking Eminem, you’re not getting Peter, Paul and Mary," Jesse Watters remarked. "It’s Eminem. I mean, what do you expect?”

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