Authorities say a Colorado man who was freed after being stuck between two walls at a mall department store may have been trapped there for several days.

Employees at the Marshalls store said they heard screaming on Monday, but couldn't figure out what was going on or where it was coming from.

On Tuesday, they found the man yelling through a hole in the wall, so they notified authorities.

Outrageous video shows firefighters using a circular saw to cut the side of the building to free the man.

It is believed that he entered from the roof and got stuck between the two walls.

The man was hospitalized and his condition is unavailable.

Police are investigating why he was there in the first place.

Watch more above and see photos of the dramatic rescue below.

A man trapped in a walls of a Marshalls store is freed by firefighters. Photo Credit: AP / Lewis Geyer

Firefighters use a circular saw to free the man who may have been trapped for as long as three days. Photo Credit: Longmont Fire Department