Shepard Smith reported this afternoon that Russia will soon begin sending long-range bombers on regular patrols from the Arctic Ocean to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, according to military officials.

Jennifer Griffin joined Shep and said that this show of muscle reflects both the tensions over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin's increasing boldness.

Griffin said that Pentagon officials don't see the move as a serious threat, but it is a reminder that Putin is trying to make his military more visible and more assertive.

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Shep noted that this move comes right after NATO claimed that Russia is flowing troops, tanks and artillery into Ukraine, which Russian officials denied.

He added that the Russian defense ministry did say that they are seeking permission from Algeria, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, Seychelles, Vietnam and Singapore for Russian Navy ships to use ports in those countries for replenishing supplies and doing maintenance, as they begin these long-range missions.

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Gordon Chang suggested that Putin is feeling emboldened by his new friendship with the Chinese - and their financial backing - and is grabbing what he wants, especially while the U.S. is distracted in other regions.

According to Chang, Putin is flaunting his relationship with China and saying to the rest of the world, "I can do whatever I want, and the U.S. can't stop me."

"They both see themselves as on the same page," Chang explained. "They see the U.S. as the common adversary. That's why they're molding their militaries together ... and that's why they're now cooperating in East Asia as well as other places."

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