Today is Veterans Day, a time to honor the great men and women who have served our country.

But many patriotic Americans honor veterans all year long.

Let’s take a look back at five heartwarming stories of people helping veterans.

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8-Year-Old's Lemonade Stand Raises Money for Vet's Service Dog

One little girl's lemonade stand made a huge difference in the life of a wounded veteran.

Army veteran Nick Bailey, who was severely wounded by a rocket blast in Iraq in 2007, found he had a strong connection with his German Shepherd, Abel, that helped him deal with pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and permanent mobility issues. Abel, however, was not trained as a service dog. At $6,000, the training was prohibitively expensive for Bailey.

After hearing about Bailey's situation, 8-year-old Rachel Mennett leapt into action and opened her lemonade stand, donating the proceeds to Bailey's GoFundMe account.

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Heroic Teen Saves Disabled Vets From Arkansas Tornado

A heroic teen saved not one, not two, but 10 disabled veterans when deadly tornadoes rolled through Arkansas in April.

Christian Gunter, 19, manager of a long-term care facility in Vilonia, loaded the vets into a vehicle and safely got them to a storm shelter.

"It's always our priority to take the best care of them that we can possibly do. Our guys have risked a lot and it's a great opportunity for us to help them out," he said.

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Airport Mechanic Helps Quadruple Amputee Vet With Prosthetic

A truly touching photo shows a humble airport mechanic helping a quadruple amputee war veteran with his prosthetic.

Taylor Morris twisted his prosthetic leg out of place while waiting for his flight at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. That's when airport mechanic Keith Duffner came to his aid, saluting him before repairing his prosthetic.

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Lowe's Employees Fix Vet's Wheelchair After It Breaks in Store

Good Samaritans stepped up to the plate where the government fell short.

Veteran Michael Sulsona lost both of his legs in Vietnam and waited for a new wheelchair from the VA for two years. While shopping at a Lowe's in Staten Island, his wheelchair broke down.

Three employees jumped into action, tearing apart the wheelchair in the store and reassembling it for the grateful vet.

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Touching: Wounded Vet Calls Gary Sinise to Thank Him for Smart Home

Actor Gary Sinise, who played Lt. Dan in “Forrest Gump,” is helping wounded veterans rebuild their lives by building them smart homes.

Through a partnership with Building for America’s Bravest, the Gary Sinise Foundation recently gave Staff Sgt. Travis Mills the keys to his new home. Mills is one of the five surviving quadruple amputee service members who were hurt in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mills, who will live in the home with his wife and young daughter, phoned in to “On The Record” to surprise Sinise.

Hear their talk above. Warning: it's a tearjerker.

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