A new federal report reveals that there were multiple mishaps in the death of Joan Rivers during a routine vocal cord procedure at a New York City clinic.

Not only did the staff fail to get informed consent for the procedure, they did not detect Rivers' deteriorating vital signs and intervene.

The report also says that at least one staff member took a picture of Rivers while she was under sedation, a violation of policy.

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Entertainment and criminal defense attorney Richard Roth said on “The Real Story” today that the clinic’s missteps are incomprehensible, pointing out that they didn’t take her weight and then administered nearly a triple dosage of anesthetic.

“It is just a travesty, and it makes a very easy malpractice suit for her estate,” Roth said, adding the clinic should be prepared to write a big check.

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As for a staff member taking a "selfie" picture with Rivers while she was under sedation, Roth explained that it’s totally inappropriate, but it didn’t cause her death. It’s just very dumb and looks bad, but it’s not part of the case, he said.

Watch the clip above to hear Roth weigh in on Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones' lawsuit over the suicide of Jagger’s girlfriend.

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