A new report claims that the White House is keeping a secret “enemies list” of those who have questioned, criticized or opposed President Obama.

'Obama Being Treated Like Lame Duck President of a Has-Been Nation'

John Hart, editor-in-chief of Opportunity Lives, said on “Your World” today that this is an embarrassment for the Obama administration, and it speaks volumes about why the president has had so much difficulty.

“Great presidents spend their time creating allies, not cataloging their enemies,” Hart said, adding that the Obama has done a very poor job at forging alliances.

“I think you could argue that Barack Obama has become the Nixon of the left,” Hart said.

That's why this alleged enemies list so damning and damaging, Hart explained, because Obama doesn't have a track record of successfully working across the aisle.

“The way to put it behind them is to go create an allies list. Go work with the new members of Congress, the Republican reformers who want to focus on solutions.”

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