Tonight on “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld blasted comments from one of ObamaCare's creators admitting they only got the Affordable Health Act passed by bilking a “stupid” public.

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In a newly surfaced video (watch below), MIT professor and one of the key architects of Obamacare Jonathan Gruber said that a lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and, in this case, they had to deceive America - and camouflage the ObamaCare's true intent -  to pass the law.

"They painted a grenade and called it an Easter egg," Gutfeld remarked.

"The fact is, no liberal law would ever be passed if their consequences were known. Minimum wage, amnesty, housing subsidies, welfare - they think we're too stupid to handle the truth - but what they really mean is the truth exposes their profound incompetence."

Gutfeld asked how do you trust people whose only major accomplishment rested on tricking you? And what of the media, who didn't mind, because they wanted to trick you, too?

"ObamaCare was their ultimate lemon. The goal was not satisfying the customer, but getting the piece of crap off the lot before the buyer realizes he just bought a death trap," Gutfeld said.

"ObamaCare is the Pinto of legislation: a wrongly-designed mess ending in misery. Like the car makers, the White House knew of the flaws before production - and hoped we'd be too dumb to notice."

Above, watch Gutfeld's monologue and hear "The Five" co-hosts weigh in.

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