TV show host Glenn Beck has revealed what he describes as a severe and painful illness that he has been battling for years.

In an interview on The Blaze, Beck detailed the mysterious illness that baffled one of the best doctors in the world.

He said he was once told that his brain function was in the bottom 10th percentile. He tried diets, medication and even moving to a warmer climate, but said his symptoms worsened.

He discussed the role his wife has played in taking care of him through it all.

“Many days she would tie my shoes or button my shirts, these simple things that you take for granted,” he said through tears.

“My doctors told me that it was my faith in God that was powering me through all of this, that I shouldn’t be standing,” he said.

Beck explained that he was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and adrenal fatigue, among other things. After months of hormone treatment and special therapy, Beck said he is now healthy.

Watch Trace Gallagher’s report above, and watch a clip from the interview below: