Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland pointed to three ways in which China, Russia and Iran are attempting to humiliate the United States while President Obama is at the Asia-Pacific Summit in Beijing. 

She highlighted three news stories that have broken in just the past day or so. 

1. China unveiled a sophisticated stealth fighter aircraft that McFarland says is simply a rip-off of the United States' own air capabilities.

"They're stealing [the technology] with the click of a mouse and they're making their own weapons systems from it and they have the effrontery to take the President of the United States, while he is there at the summit, and shove it in his face to humiliate him," said McFarland

2. Russia and Iran are plowing ahead with a new nuclear construction agreement, while a NATO commander expresses new concern about Russian armored convoys moving into eastern Ukraine.

McFarland says Vladimir Putin has no intention of slowing down his bid to rebuild the Russian empire, and as the weather gets colder, Ukraine is going to need energy from Russia. 

"I think by January, the Ukrainians are negotiating with the Russians on Russia's terms," she said.

3. This tweet, attributed to Iran's supreme leader, calling for the "elimination" of Israel. 

McFarland said Iran has no plan to dismantle its nuclear program and is still intent on becoming a nuclear power. 

"In effect, they're going to pretend they're stopping their nuclear program. We're gonna pretend to believe them," said McFarland, adding sanctions that have crippled the Iranian economy will be eased.

Overall, McFarland said the three countries are treating Obama like "the lame duck president of a has-been nation ... and it becomes contagious." 

Watch her full analysis above.