“The Five” hosts this evening talked about Kurt Warner's recent comments on evolution, Jay Leno's epic return to "The Tonight Show" and Garth Brooks' emotional song for a cancer patient on the fastest seven minutes in television.

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Should former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner be flagged for his comments on evolution?

During his "NFL Game Day" segment on the NFL Network on Sunday, devout Christian Warner mentioned he disagreed with the theory of evolution.

The comments sent the social media world into a frenzy.

Juan Williams pointed out that Warner wasn't trying to be serious, but his comments about evolution were inaccurate.

Luckily, Greg Gutfeld was there to settle the evolution debate once and for all: "The earth was started by a race of unicorns."

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How did Jay Leno do in his return to "The Tonight Show"?

For the first time since retiring from "The Tonight Show" earlier this year, Jay Leno returned to the iconic program that he hosted for more than two decades ... and, by all accounts, he absolutely killed it.

"He's amazing. I wish he was back," Kimberly Guilfoyle said. "I've always been a fan of Leno."

"Finally, Jay Leno's face has grown into his chin," Gutfeld joked.

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What did "The Five" hosts think of Garth Brooks' song for a cancer patient?

During a performance in Minneapolis over the weekend, country music legend Garth Brooks stopped his show to serenade a fan who had been in chemo treatment just that morning for stage 3 breast cancer.

Guilfoyle said that she loves that Brooks took time out of his show to make an incredible difference in one person's life.

"Hopefully it was inspirational, and it gives her the strength to keep battling, because that is a very tough disease," she said.

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