During President Obama's press conference last Wednesday, Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry pressed him on why he was doubling down on the same approach and policies, as opposed to charting a more drastic change in course over the final two years of his presidency.

On "Media Buzz" today, Henry told Howard Kurtz he thought that was the obvious question to ask the president in the wake of the Democrats' overwhelming defeat to Republicans in the midterm election.

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"The last few days, it's been widespread commentary, not just among conservatives, that the president did not acknowledge that he lost," Henry said. "He was trying to make the case that somehow his policies won, even though he said his policies were on the ballot and Democrats took a drubbing."

Although the Democrats' midterm failure wasn't all the president's fault, as many sub-par Democratic candidates and an unfavorable map did not help, Obama and his team are scrambling to figure out where they go from here, according to Henry.

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