For the first time since retiring from "The Tonight Show" earlier this year, Jay Leno returned to the iconic program that he hosted for more than two decades ... and he absolutely killed it.

After delivering one of his classic comedic monologues, Leno joined Fallon at the desk for an extended interview segment, often mocking his successor throughout the show and even chatting up fellow guest Lucy Liu during her interview.

Watch the hilarious clip from "Fox and Friends Weekend" above and check out some highlights of Leno's memorable appearance below.

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Leno performed one of his classic monologues, with jokes about everything from his outdated cell phone and the NFL to Justin Bieber and binge watching television.

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Leno and Fallon took a look at some of the publicity photos they snapped together, including one on Jay's old-timey motorcycle.

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Lucy Liu appeared to promote "Elementary," which happens to be one of Leno's favorite shows.

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Leno even found time goof around backstage during his epic return!

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