A Utah dad foiled an attempt to kidnap his 5-year-old daughter from her bed after confronting a man carrying her across the lawn.

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"There was a man in my home and he took my 5-year-old daughter," the girl's mother said in a chilling 911 call.

"And I happen to wake up and he had my daughter outside, and my husband ran out there and got her from him. But he took my 5-year-old daughter."

After handing the child over unharmed, the intruder fled the scene and was apprehended by police several blocks away. Authorities identified him as Troy Morley (pictured below).

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FoxNews.com reported:

The suspect in this case entered the home through an unlocked door at about 4:30 a.m., in Sandy, a middle-class suburb south of Salt Lake City, Police Sgt. Dean Carriger said.

The intruder was in the family's basement searching through things when he came upon the girl sleeping in her bedroom, Carriger said. The suspect took her out of bed and carried her upstairs, making noises that woke the parents.

The girl's father went to the door and saw the man carrying his daughter in the front lawn. He ran outside and confronted the man, asking him what he was doing and demanding that he give back his little girl.

The suspect handed her over to her father without confrontation, Carriger said.

The suspect then fled, and the father called 911.

Officers set up a perimeter, and with the help of police dogs, launched a search. The suspect went into a second home two blocks away through a doggy door in an attempt to evade capture. The dogs at that house alerted the residents, who yelled at police already in the area to come get him.

Police captured the 48-year-old man outside the second home thanks to a police dog that bit the suspect in the upper shoulder, Carriger said.

The family told police they had never seen and don't know the suspect, who police have identified as Troy Morley of Roy, Utah. Police don't know yet why the suspect was in the house or if he had a planned it, Carriger said.

Morley was arrested and being booked on charges of child kidnapping, burglary, trespassing and resisting arrest, he said.

Watch the clip from "Fox and Friends Weekend" above.

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