A troubling new report reveals that Russian hackers are planting "cyber bombs" that could literally take down the U.S. power grid.

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On "Bull and Bears" today, Tracy Byrnes said this could be "lights out" for our economy, because our grid was so weak to begin with. Plus, it was never designed with cyberterrorism in mind.

"Take out the grid, you take out the whole economy," Byrnes said, explaining that government agencies and banks could be totally shut down.

"They're prepared for this. We should be, too."

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Chuck Rocha said this is our biggest vulnerability and it should be a bipartisan effort to upgrade the power grid.

Gary B. Smith agreed and said that other than a nuclear attack, this would be the worst strike that could happen to the U.S.

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If cyberterrorists struck only 9 of the 55 power plants in the country, they could disrupt power for 18 months, which could result in the deaths of 200 million Americans from starvation, disease and anarchy, according to Smith.

Watch the clip above.

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