Much has been made of the fact that many Hillary Clinton-backed Democrats were defeated in the midterm election - out of 26 candidates she campaigned for, 13 lost, 12 won and Sen. Mary Landrieu is headed for a runoff - but some analysts are predicting that the GOP takeover of Congress could actually help Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

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Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul wasted no time linking Clinton to her party's poor results at midterms, saying the election boiled down to a "repudiation" of President Obama and Hillary Clinton's positions being "soundly rejected" as well.

Paul later added that voters don't see a difference between "Clinton Democrats" and "Obama Democrats," an assertion that would seem to hurt Clinton's chance in 2016.

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On the other hand, James Rosen reported today on “America’s News Headquarters” that the GOP's midterm success could have a "liberating effect" on Clinton.

He explained that some analysts argue she now has more freedom, as she no longer has to defend the unpopular Harry Reid and she is able to run against a Republican Congress.

Whether Clinton is running at all, however, is something she has said she will not announce until early next year.

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