Victoria’s Secret has quietly changed an ad campaign slogan after critics slammed the original one for promoting a negative body image.

The original ad campaign featured tall, skinny models and said, “The Perfect Body.” Now, the ad – featuring the same models – says “A Body for Every Body.” Yet some critics say the switch is still not enough.

The hosts of “Outnumbered” and #OneLuckyGuy Erick Erickson reacted to the ad this afternoon.

“This is weak, if you’re going to launch an ad campaign based on the perfect body, own it!” Sandra Smith said, calling it “wussy” that Victoria’s Secret changed it.

“It seems like there’s a society out there that just wants to get outraged about everything,” Erickson remarked.

Andrea Tantaros slammed the change as ridiculous.

“Think about what they’re saying: if you look at this ad, it may contribute to negative body issues. OK, so this was the straw that broke the camel’s back after decades of Victoria’s Secret catalogs, all of a sudden you see this ad, you’re gonna feel bad about yourself?”

Tantaros advised: if you feel bad about your body, don’t open a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

“These women are beautiful, get over it,” she said.

Harris Faulkner noted that if they really want to make an impact, they should stop ‘Photoshopping.’

Kirsten Powers remarked that the ads make it seem like that’s what people look like, and it’s not.

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