There has been talk this week that the midterm elections were a loss for Hillary Clinton, who spent a lot of time campaigning for failed candidates.

Sarah Palin was on “Hannity,” where she said that Democrats will continue to prop Clinton up and do everything that they can to protect her.

“They will support her anyway and prop her up because they participate in this failed and phony war on women, so to compensate for what it is they accuse the Republicans of engaging in, they make an extra effort to coddle women and to make them feel that they can’t independently and with their own capabilities rise to the top, that government and politicians and others have to do things for them.”

Palin said that President Barack Obama “has had his boot on the neck of the American economy” and Americans will be saying “no” to anyone who has participated in shining that boot.

The former Alaska governor had some advice for the GOP: get to Washington D.C, stop Obama, and give us our freedom.

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