Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said today on "Fox and Friends" that he is considering a 2016 presidential run and will continue to think about it for the next six months. 

Steve Doocy mentioned to him a Fox News election day exit poll in which 78% of Republican respondents said Paul would make a good president.

He explained that in order to win the White House, the GOP needs to grow. 

"I am thinking maybe, and we're going to keep looking at it for the next six months or so and as I go around the country and continue to travel, I want to make the party bigger. We have to have a more diverse party, we need more African Americans, more Hispanics, more youth, more young women," said Paul, adding that Republicans need to figure out how to win in presidential elections in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, California and New York. 

Paul said he was encouraged by Bruce Rauner's surprise victory in the Illinois gubernatorial race. Rauner will be the state's first GOP governor since 1998, while Democratic gubernatorial candidates also lost in blue states Maryland and Massachusetts. 

"I think something's going on. Rauner talked a lot about school choice and trying to bring a better education to people who live in the big cities. I think if you show that concern and show that we have new ideas, a whole raft of people are going to be interested in what we have to talk about," he said, adding that in a city like Detroit he supports big tax cuts to spur economic growth. 

"I don't think Democrats really have anything to counter-act that with or have really shown much concern for those who live in Detroit."

Watch the full interview above, including Paul's explanation of his #Hillaryslosers campaign on social media.