Tonight on “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld described Tuesday’s election as “the quiet kid spanking the bully after six years of taunting – the quiet kid being America, the media being the bully.”

Now, Gutfeld said it’s fun to see the media preach for compromise, likening it to a defense lawyer pleading mercy for a homeless client after he torched his own home.

Gutfeld said that Tuesday’s biggest loser was the media, “who sheltered Obama like a wounded kitten in a snowstorm.”

“Their love created a ‘pig in a blanket’ of failure, self-importance wrapped in doughy arrogance.”

What’s next, Gutfeld asked?

“2016, 'cause this GOP wave is a huge waste if you don’t find someone who can ride it.”

Above, watch the monologue and hear the co-hosts weigh in.