Rush Limbaugh recently called Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a “demonstrated star,” saying that every labor union, the rigged media, and the Democratic Party have “thrown everything they’ve got at Scott Walker, and he has beat them back without one syllable of complaint.”

Walker was on “Hannity” tonight to discuss the campaign against him and his win on Tuesday.

“We felt here in Wisconsin, and I think across America, people want to be for something and not against something. The people in Washington, the big government special interests, they tried to tell our voters what they were against. We clearly laid out what were for, for lower taxes, for better schools, for a better future for our children and grandchildren. People in our state said we don’t want the big government, top down, government-knows-best approach. We want to organic, fresh, new, exciting, build up from the ground up approach that we embraced.”

Walker said that President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and other big-name Democrats campaigned for his opponent. He said that Democrats have also spent tens of millions of dollars campaigning against him.

The governor told Sean Hannity that there was a $3.6 billion deficit when he came into office. Now, Wisconsin has a $1 billion surplus, and he has been able to lower taxes three times this year.

Watch Walker's interview above.