Martha MacCallum pressed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest this morning on whether the president understands "the gravity" of Tuesday's election results. 

She noted that many observers said during the president's Wednesday afternoon press conference that he seemed to be "out of touch" with the message sent by voters. 

Earnest pushed back, saying the president has gotten the message that Americans want results out of Washington, which they have not gotten in the past two years.

MacCallum countered that 300 bills have passed the House, only to languish on Harry Reid's desk. 

Earnest maintained that the American people want the parties to find common ground. 

She noted that the president remarked yesterday about having a drink with soon-to-be Senate leader Mitch McConnell or playing a round of golf with House Speaker John Boehner. 

MacCallum said to Earnest that a lot of viewers were wondering, "what took so long?"

"The president did play golf with Speaker Boehner four years ago," said Earnest, adding that the president is willing to change his tactics if it will lead to results.

“If there are things that the president can do differently to make sure that we can get results for middle class people, he’s willing to do exactly that. If that means another round of golf with Speaker Boehner ... he’s willing to do that. If that’s going to advance our ability to find common ground among Democrats and Republicans, the president will do that as much as necessary," said Earnest.

Watch the interview above.