Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted this morning after President Obama indicated yesterday that he still feels "obliged" to take executive action on immigration reform. 

In a press conference Wednesday, Obama said he wants to work with Congress, but again spoke of using his executive powers. 

“I feel obliged to do everything I can lawfully with my executive authority to make sure we don’t keep on making the system worse. Whatever executive actions that I take will be replaced and supplanted by action by Congress. You send me a bill I can sign, and those executive actions go away," said Obama. 

Napolitano explained the executive actions the president can take and those that he cannot take. 

He said the president can tell DHS how to process people once they come into this country. But he believes Obama would be committing an impeachable offense if he directs DHS and the Border Patrol to "look the other way." 

Napolitano said it comes down to whether the "practical effect of his executive order is the opposite of what the law requires." He added that he realizes Republicans do not want to pursue impeachment. 

He said if the president declares amnesty for illegal immigrants in the U.S. and signals that he will not deport those who enter illegally, "he will be violating the law, he will be breaking his oath, and he will be putting a tremendous pressure on the social system."

Other than impeachment, Napolitano said Republicans have very little recourse. And he noted that any actions taken by Obama can be reversed when a new president takes office.

Watch his full analysis above.