If you've always been wondering whether a school bus could travel as fast as a plane, then you got your answer this morning on "Fox and Friends."

Steve Doocy introduced us to Paul Stender, an Indiana native who was part of the team that custom-built this behemoth.  

The bus, after being outfitted with an F4 Phantom fighter jet engine, literally shoots fire and can go as fast as 367 mph. 

It's designed to look really cool, which it does, but Stender explains that there's not much school bus left.

"There's only about three or four percent bus parts left on it. ... It's more parts that you'd find on an aircraft than a bus," said Stender.

Check out some video of the bus in action above and see some pics below:

One drag run eats 150 gallons of fuel!

The "bus" beat out an airplane in an air show drag race. 

Stender and Co. also built a jet-powered Snoopy doghouse because ... why not?!